Did you know that making is at the heart of many programs at Daley College? They view making opportunities for Chicagoans to prepare for authentic STEM careers as a critical part of their mission.Middle School students This is especially evident in their Advanced Manufacturing’s focus on engineering AND manufacturing.

Through their Middle School Engineering and Manufacturing Camp Daley College provides 6th – 8th grade future STEM professionals opportunities to use advanced manufacturing equipment and learn on a college campus. There is nothing quite like designing and then actually making an idea physical!


Daley students also get to design and make for the real world. Recently, students repurposed metal from the Wells Street Bridge and using their welding skills, built a trellis.

Student Welding trellis footing

Student Welding trellis footing from re-purposed section of Wells Street Bridge



In addition to practical uses for manufacturing processes, they also get a chance to express themselves through art. Daley students used laser cutters to build T-Rex

Blue T-Rex Sculpture

T-Rex built using a laser cutter



Daley's Welcome Bots

Welcome Bots built by Daley Students!


The students used plasma cutters, cutting torches, and a mig welder to build the Welcome Bots to the right.

Be sure to check them out at the Maker Faire

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